Kalow relocates, expands offerings, and continues to grow

← Back To News November 3, 2020

Vermont Business Magazine There’s new life at a 60- year old former industrial building in the heart of Rutland County these days. Kalow Technologies, a highly integrated contract manufacturer, recently completed an extensive renovation to over 85,000 square feet of space at 155 Seward Road, first constructed in 1961.

Kalow is a rare success story of steady growth in good paying jobs as it has diversified and acquired key processes such as metal fabrication and most recently powder coating, to complement its long-time engineering and manufacturing strengths.

Over 70 people now work in the modern, renewed facility. With views of the Taconic Mountains to the west, Killington and Pico loom to the east over a solar field and panels on the roof of the largest addition to the building. Inside, the hum of equipment, bustle of electric package moving equipment are occasionally interrupted by overhead paging – you still reach a live person on the phone here, always.

In recent years Kalow has won several awards for its sustained revenue growth, runner-up Deane C. Davis Outstanding Vermont Business of the Year, and Best Places to Work, as judged by Vermont Business Magazine.

Along with numerous grants, recognition and various industry qualifications such as UL listing, Kalow recently concluded its second three year ISO 9001 quality certification cycle with zero findings for the second year in a row – no small feat while moving the entire operation five miles north.

Several of Kalow’s customers are long term internationally recognized companies with electromechanical equipment such as the packaging industry, who trust them to ship container loads of well packaged product overseas on a weekly basis. Many of its newer prospects are in young, innovative industries born in the incubator spaces of greater Boston and New York.

Sustainable food, beverage, and plastic recycling are just some of the recent significant accounts, along with diverse applications in defense, medical and aerospace related sectors.

Though it’s hard to pin down Kalow’s exact niche, its sweet spot or wheelhouse has adapted as its customers evolved and thrived, helping to bring their ideas beyond those key first hurdles into full production and later life cycle improvements.

Early compliance with Covid-19 guidelines and great care as an essential manufacturer has kept Kalow thriving even in the face of the pandemics’ effects on the larger economy.

A groundbreaking collaborative ventilator project with UVM and the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Service also came the company’s way in early spring.

That project showcased the full spectrum of Kalow’s strengths as expert engineers, precision metal work, and final touches of high-quality powder coated chassis, assembly part procurement, kitting and quick delivery all came together successfully on time.

With solid, privately held financial backing, Kalow is an unsung positive influence on the sometimes-scarce manufacturing economy, still alive and growing new roots in Rutland County.

Source: October 27, 2020 Press Release – Kalow Technologies, Rutland, VT