Sheet Metal

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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

September 2010 marks 40 years of continuous operation for NUTMEG Fabricating, specializing in the production of precision sheet metal parts and light structural steel assemblies. NUTMEG Fabricating serves a wide variety of OEM customers in the industrial and medical equipment field. Other companies we serve are involved in air handling, specialized electronics and food display products.NUTMEG Fabricating is a company that specializes in close tolerance sheet metal fabrication to customer specified prints including final finish. Prototype to production runs.

  • Precision Sheet metal Fabrication
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Light structural steel fabrications
  • Brackets, Boxes & Chassis
  • Welded metal part fabrication
  • CNC metal parts programming
  • CNC Press Brake Bending
  • Metal shearing
  • Stainless Steel parts fabricating
  • Cold Rolled Steel parts fabricating
  • Aluminum parts fabricating
  • Copper parts fabricating
  • Coated Metals parts fabricating
  • Painting and Plating of metal parts
  • Proto type metal parts fabricating
  • Production run metal fabricated parts