Contract Design Engineers


Do you have a product that you are sure would be a guaranteed hit, but don’t have the means to get it past those last few hurdles and make it a reality? Kalow Tech is happy to help you turn that dream into a reality with the assistance of our team of contract design engineers. If you’re interested in doing so, the first step is setting up an appointment with our team of support engineers.

The engineers we have on staff at Kalow Tech cover a wide range of experience and the right special mix of talents. We have the capabilities and skills in-house to get your idea out the door. At Kalow Technologies, we don’t just think—we think ahead. We’re engineers at heart—we can’t help but to tweak, refine, and perfect. Our engineers and technicians work cross-discipline, giving them (and you) a more flexible, holistic approach. Altogether, our high-end team of contract design engineers can handle just about any challenge your product throws at them.

At that first appointment, you and a group of support engineers will go over your product’s current state and planned specifications to determine what types of equipment and materials will be required. It doesn’t matter what the product’s intended use is–we can work with just about anything. Bring us your prototype, a finished production design, a sub-assembly, a complete machine, or even a sketch on a napkin. Once we’ve determined what the completion of your product will require, we’ll give you an estimate for the total cost for our work on your project. If you agree to this cost, our contract design engineers will get to work putting the wheels in motion. If you’re interested, reach out today to get the process started!

• Cross-disciplined engineers and technicians •

• Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, optical, electric, servo/stepper control systems •

• Embedded electrical design, programmable logic controls, and PCB layout •

• 3-D CAD and Solidworks capabilities •

• Design familiarity for CE, UL, ETL and CSA certifications •